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our organization

Baja Bridges is a network of volunteers in the northern United States, who provide necessary fire, EMT, and educational supplies to agencies and civil organizations in Baja, Mexico.

We support and provide assistance to civic groups, NGOs, municipal agencies, and community groups in the Baja region of Mexico. We are a conduit in collecting and distributing materials, as well as referrals for medical volunteers.

our mission

To support the services provided by educational institutions, medical personnel, and fire professionals in Baja, Mexico.


The specific purposes of this organization are:

  • To collect and distribute material used in the operations of essential community services in Baja, Mexico.

  • To educate and inform the public regarding issues, programs, and opportunities in Baja

  • To provide assistance to civic groups, non-profits, and municipal agencies, community groups, and non-profits in the United States and Baja, Mexico.

  • To engage in volunteer and fundraising activities, including setting up and operating a plan that will give all interested persons the opportunity to volunteer and contribute toward carrying out the purposes of the organization.


our founder

Katherine Turner is a third generation Rotarian who has traveled the world. Her personal belief is to "START WHERE YOU STAND".


“I firmly believe that by helping others, we can help build stronger communities. As a Rotarian for over 20 years, I’ve traveled the world and been exposed to various philanthropic projects.  I’ve learned that programs must be sustainable to succeed and “who you know” is not enough. The ability to connect people is the key...thus Baja Bridges:  we create bridges that connect individuals, organizations, training, and resources.”


Katherine is a graduate of Sacramento State and Cal Berkeley. She works in property management and has been a real estate investor for over 30 years. She specializes in vacation rentals and small commercial projects.

building community connections

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