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Our Programs

Fire & EMT Partnerships

Safety is our primary goal. Baja Bridges strives to provide bomberos of Baja with personal equipment to insure their safety and well being when they respond to emergency calls. The next step is to get the machinery and firefighting equipment necessary for the emergency needs of their individual communities.

Building a fire department where none exists is a monumental task. One of Baja Bridges’ roles is outfitting communities with the necessary equipment to fight fires. While not easy, providing equipment is the least difficult part of building a fire department from the ground up. The hard part is building the political and community-based infrastructure to support a fire service. By examining the communities needs and resources, we more effectively deliver equipment and dispatch training to teams in Baja.

Are you a member or officer of an organization with a desire to provide outreach opportunities to your membership? Resources and supplies come in a variety of fashions. Allow your employees and business to invest in the communities of Baja. 

Fire & EMT

Medical Services Support and Medical Volunteers

Our ultimate goal is to build more medical clinics in Baja. Building community clinics is the first step towards developing a solid medical program. Working with multiple groups already focusing on the region allows us to build upon their efforts.

In addition to physical medical clinics, we will bring a variety of medical training programs to the rural communities, allowing them to develop their own infrastructure for community services.

Upon receiving donations of medical supplies and equipment from American companies, we are able to effectively connect with our partners in the region to insure the donations go where they are most needed. Donations are only given to groups that have been appropriately vetted and have documented the donations are being used for the intended purpose.

We also provide a referral system by which doctors can volunteer at various clinics in the region. 



Providing access to education beyond the eighth grade, whether academic, vocational, or personal development, is our primary focus in this area.

​Currently, our goal is to equip computer labs in orphanages, fire departments, and community centers . We strive to create self-sufficient, resilient young people who look forward to an improved quality of life. 


​How can you help? Consider donating your gently used computing devices to Computers 4 Kids or maybe organize a drive to gather those devices from your local community. 


Additionally, Computers 4 Kids will gladly recycle your Electronic Waste.  Your donation will keep e-waste from being sent to landfills, as well as help us to continue to provide much needed technical services to our community. All of your E-Waste donations are tax deductible.

Visit Computers 4 Kids for details.

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Community Outreach

‘Start where you stand’ means paying attention to your surroundings, seeing the needs in front of you, and then doing something about it.


We constantly strive to address the obvious by creating solutions. Please contact us for a list of orphanages in northern Baja needing assistance.

Addressing our ever changing list of needs is an ongoing endeavor. There are a variety of groups already working in Baja that could use more volunteers, teachers, and medical professionals. We especially need assistance in bringing supplies to them.  If you plan to travel in the near future, please consider taking a few suitcases with you. Please contact us and we will arrange to have supplies ready for your trip.

Community Outreach

Organizational Sponsorship

Are you a member or officer of an organization with a desire to provide outreach opportunities to your membership? A variety of options are available.

Allow your employees and business to invest in the communities of Baja.  

Some of our current sponsors are:

L.N. Curtis Fire Equipment


Ramos Oil Company

Henry Schein: Helping Health Happen

Endless Possibilities T-Shirts

Hands to Heart

Computers 4 Kids

Hewlett Packard

Rotary International

Lions Club


South of the Border

These are trusted organizations working south of the border to improve the life, safety, and well being of individuals and communities in Baja, Mexico.


Hearts of Baja



Tijuana Rotary

San Felipe Rotary

La Mission Rotary

Mulage Rotary

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